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   Quiz 1       the nocturnes 20 easy
   Quiz 2       early life & music 20 easy
   Quiz 3       the ballades 10 easy
   Quiz 4       the polonaises 20 medium
   Quiz 5       the impromptus 12 easy
   Quiz 6       the preludes  20 medium
   Quiz 7       the mazurkas * 20 medium
   Quiz 8       the scherzos * 16 difficult
   Quiz 9       the waltzes * 20 medium

Quizzes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6:

These quizzes have winners and no longer accept submission. These quizzes are also self-scored as soon as you view your result. There is no award for these quizzes.

Quizzes 7, 8, 9:

Please note that only the first highest score for each quiz will be posted here. If you want to get your score by email, please state so in the suggestion box at the end of the quiz (and please do not forget to give your email address). The score report will show the total score and the questions that you answered incorrectly but will not show your answer choices when you did the quiz. If you score around the current highest scores (�3), the score report will show only the total score and will not show the questions that you answered incorrectly. 

Prize of quizzes 7, 8, 9: one CD for the first winner of each quiz, who has correct answers for all questions. Titles are subject to availability at the time of award. Winners will be contacted via email for CD titles.

Please do not press "SEND" more than once. Only your first attempt counts. Please do not change the answers and resubmit (which is considered cheating). You can refer to as many sources of information as you like when doing the quizzes. Answers will be based on widely accepted literature.

References: Click here for a full list of books and articles used to build this website.


Quiz No.1

Nancy, Waldemar Mazur, Barbara Kobr : 20/20

Quiz No.2    

Jan Marisse Huizing : 20/20

Quiz No.3    

M. Achilles, Bin, Christ : 10/10

Quiz No.4    

Lilia Obletsova, Adrian Saari : 20/20

Quiz No.5    

Adam, J.Worayuth : 12/12

Quiz No.6    

Annunziata Mattioli : 20/20

Quiz No.7    

LK : 19/20

Quiz No.8    

Tuomas Nikkanen : 13/16

Quiz No.9    

Michael Gildin : 19/20

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