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Chopin's Tune No.76

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What is the name of the tune (with opus number)?
What is the name of the pianist (among the great pianists featured on this website) who played this tune?

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1) Jan 05, 2000 : Gzoluble named the first tune Nocturne Op.15 No.1 in F major

2) Jan 15, 2000 : Ray Capiral knew that it was the middle section of the Etude Op.25 No.5 which is often called "Wrong notes".

3) Jan 20, 2000 : Minh Khoa named the tune: the middle section of the Barcarolle Op.60

4) It's really difficult. There are 5 pieces in that tune. Can anyone write them down exactly?
Mar 19, 2000: Congratualtion Suhanda Hadiwinata. You've done a good job!
- Scherzo No.3 in C sharp minor Op.39 - BI 125
- Waltz in C sharp minor Op.64 No.2 - BI 164
- Fantaisie-Impromptu in C sharp minor Op.66 - BI 87
- Nocturne in C sharp minor Op. Posth. - BI 49
- Mazurka in C sharp minor Op.50 No.3 - BI 145
The same things can be found in all these extracts is that all these pieces were written in the same key (C#minor)

5) The questions seem very difficult. Achilles knew that it's the Polonaise BI.13. But he can't answer the rest questions. Who can ?
Mar 19, 2000: Congratualtion Suhanda Hadiwinata. You've done a good job!
The answer is: in B flat minor, in 1826, as a parting gift to Kolberg.

6) Jan 20, 2000 : Jon DeGange knew it is the Nocturne in C# minor Op.posth but he didn't know its composition and publication year.
Mar 05, 2000 : At last, Andrew Wray knew that it was composed in 1830 and published in 1875. Congratulation !

7) Feb 28, 2000 : Brandon Woo knew it is the middle section of the Scherzo No.4 Op.54 in E major. Congratulation !

8) Mar 30, 2000 : Andy Smith & Bryan Tucker named that tune : the famous "Marche Funebre", 3rd movement of the 2nd Sonata Op.35 in B flat minor. Well done !

9) Apr 14, 2000 : Nick Rodgerson, Suhanda Hadiwinata & Jon DeGange knew that it was the Prelude Op.28 No.14 in E flat minor.

10) Apr 30, 2000 : Suhanda Hadiwinata, Angela & Nick Rodgerson are masters not only about Chopin but also about other composers.
Tune #2 was composed by Chopin. Its name is Prelude in F Minor Op.28 No.18 (BI 107).
Tune #1 was composed by Robert Schumann. Its name is Aufschwung (Soaring) Op.12 No.2, the 2nd piece of Phantasiestucke Op.12.
The same thing can be found in these two tunes is that both were written in F minor & have similar introductions (similar chords) that makes lots of people confused. But you three can't be cheated. Congratulation !

11) May 06, 2000 : Suhanda Hadiwinata, Nick Rodgerson & Adam Edris knew the tune Mazurka Op.63 No.3 in C# minor. This is quite easy !

12) May 12, 2000 : Adam Edris & Suhanda Hadiwinata were very quick. They knew the Bolero Op.19 in A minor. It was composed in 1833.

13) May 15, 2000 : Nick Rodgerson & Suhanda Hadiwinata knew the tune Polonaise op.44 in F# minor composed in 1841, dedicated to Mme la Princesse Charles de Beauvau nee de Komar. The specialty of this polonaise is that it has a mazurka (in A major) in the middle.

14) May 28, 2000 : Adam Edris, Rodgerson & Suhanda Hadiwinata are masters. They knew the Concert etude no.2 in F minor "La leggierezza" the word "chopinesque" is the title because this is Liszt writing music in the 'Chopin style'.

15) Jun 06, 2000 : Many knew the tune (easy) but only Rodgerson knew the forms and the dedication (hard one). It is Piano Concerto No.1 (technically, no.2 as the F minor concerto was composed first) in E minor Op.11, composed in 1830. Chopin dedicated it to Friedrich Kalkbrenner, the guy who wanted to teach Chopin for 3 years.

16) Oct 07, 2000 : Only Rodgerson can answer this tune.
One of them is an excerpt of Chopin's piano concerto in Fm Op.21, the 3rd movement, and the other is the "Lento con gran espressione in C# minor" (often incorrectly referred as the 'nocturne' in C# minor according to one of my editions of the nocturnes),
At the top of the first edition, the words appear: "For my sister Louise to play, before she practices my second Concerto" this would lead me to conclude that it is dedicated to his sister, Louise Chopin, since there is nothing else written there. As for the concerto, he dedicated to Comtesse Delfina Potocka.

17) Nov 20, 2000 : Rodgerson & Suhanda Hadiwinata
- Polonaise-Fantaisie, Opus 61-BI159 dedicated to Madame A. Veyret.
- This extract is written in the key signature of 5 sharps ( G sharp minor and partly B major)
The whole piece is written in the key signature of 4 flats ( A flat major).
- Chopin changed the key signature for 9 times. They are: 4 flats, 4 sharps, 4 flats, 2 flats, 2 sharps, 5 sharps, 4 flats, 5 sharps, 4 flats.

18) Jan 14, 2001 : Only Suhanda Hadiwinata
- Largo in E flat major , BI 109, KK1229.
- It was composed in 1847, published posthumously in 1938.

19) Feb 25, 2001 : Josh Price knew that the tune is the middle section of the Nocturne Op.55 No.1 in F minor, composed in 1842 and published together with No.2 in 1844, dedicated to Mademoiselle Stirling. Congratulation !

20) Mar 02, 2001 : Only Suhanda Hadiwinata
The piece is the Cadenza of Prelude op.45 in C sharp minor - BI 141. The key signature has 4 sharps. Chopin dedicated this work to Mademoiselle la Princesse Elisabeth Czernicheff. It was composed in 1841.

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21) Jun 02, 2001 :
Jim & Moshe Piamenta only knew that the tune was from Ballade No.4 Op.52.
Kefei Z said that it was written in 1842 and dedicated to Madame Baronne C. de Rothschild.
Dawson Hull & P.Kennedy's answer is complete. Hull said that the fourth Ballade was inspired by Adam Mickiewicz's poem "The Three Brothers Budrys". It is a story of a Polish father who sends his 3 sons off to war and they come back, with one bride shared by all three. P.Kennedy said that the ballades were inspired, in an abstract sort of way, by that poem, but they do not attach to the poem in a programmatic way.

22) Aug 02, 2001 :
John Thomas could only answer some parts of the questions. So, new tune cannot be posted this time. About the old tune, Who can?
Oct 07, 2001 :
Alex, Jared Hartt and Omri Har-Shemesh missed one question. Only Minh Khoa and Cristiano Spotti are correct. The answer is:
- Nocturne Op.9 No.3 in B major.
- Dedicate to Madame Camille Pleyel
- Composed 1830-1831/spring. Published:12/1832
- Stage 1 of Int'l Chopin Competition

23) Jan 22, 2002 : Jean-Fran�ois Germain was the winnner !
-Nocturne n�14, op.48 n�2 in F # minor
-The two nocturnes op.48 are dedicated to Laure Duperr�
-It was composed in 1841 and published in 1841
-In the first stage of the Int'l Chopin Competition
-There are two things about the middle section : 1) it is in Db major and 2) like the middle section of op.48 n�1, it is slower than the rest of the nocturne (molto piu lento), which is not the usual organization of a nocturne (slow-fast-slow)

24) Apr 2, 2002 : Dom, Peter Yu Chuang, Julia Blinova, Robert Clayton were the winners of this tune ! It was Ballade n�3, op.47 in A flat major, dedicated to Mademoiselle Pauline de Noailles, composed and published in 1841.
This piece begins with the self-conscious ridicule of a pompous illusion. The first section a gaily constructed invitation - quietly pierced by the 'raindrop' notes introduced soon after the composer's mind has been reminded of some past sadness - rejection even. A waltz theme emerges to dominate the gentility of this illusion world of gaiety and nonsense. This calamity task hold of the composers mind entering into a torrent of angered recurrence of current surroundings and past tragedy - what will this facade come to. In a reemergence of reverie we are reminded of the spirit to overcome and be strong yet the lavishness of the heroic thick chords eclipse the uncertainty and deep thought of before. Chopin is triumphant and yet ... (by Robert Clayton)

25) May 1, 2002 : Jorge & Paula Petit were the winners. It's etude Op 25 No.4 in A minor, dedicated to Marie d�Agoult, composed 1832-37, published in 1837

26) Sep 28, 2002 : Congratulations to Dawson Hull, Dom, Andrew Schneider !
Sonata no. 3 in B minor Op. 58 (Mvt 1: Allegro Maestoso) composed in the summer of 1844, dedicated to Madame la Comtesse Perthuis.
Extract 1 in D major and extract 2 in B major.

27) Mar 26, 2003 : Congratulations to Zaffara Intrepid, W.Y.Chua and Malcolm Kandzia !
The tune was Mazurka in G sharp minor Op.33-1, dedicated to Mademoiselle Gr�fin Rosa Mostowska, published in 1838.

28) Sep 22, 2003: Only Coke Scalloway and Paul Kennedy could answer all required information.
This is the Polonaise Op. 26 No.2, in E Flat Minor, dedicated to M. J. Dessauer. It is also called "Siberian" or "Rebellion", composed around 1834-35 and published in 1836.

29) Jan 12, 2004: Congratulations to Shawn White, Elundur and Andrea Leo.
This is "The Maiden's Wish" from the Liszt's transcriptions of "Chants Polonaises de Frederic Chopin"

30) Feb 1, 2005: Congratulations to Larry K, Andrea Leo, Tuomas Nikkanen
Answer: Mazurka in A minor (Br. 140), composed in 1841, dedicated to Emille Gaillard.

31) Jul 10, 2005: Francisco Hern�ndez said that it was Prelude Op.28 No.24 in D minor, composed in the occidental zone of Mallorca, Valldemossa, Spain around the years 1836-1839 at a convent. The other winners are Ahmad Shiddiqi and Edward Boyles.

32) Mar 5, 2006: Brendan Galloway & Laurent said that the tune was the nocturne Op.27 n�1 in C sharp minor composed in 1835. Congratulations!

33) Apr 25, 2006: Many knew that it was the Scherzo No.1 Op.20 in Bm but only Lilia Obletsova, Dawson Hull, Wojtek, and �yvind Jo Heimdal Eik knew that it was played by the great Horowitz. Congratulations!

34) May 20, 2006: Congratulations to B�i Mạnh Th�nh, Tomasz Pr�chnicki and Wojtek! The tune was from Rondo Op.1 in Cm (1825).

35) May 31, 2006: The tune was from the Bolero Op.19. Congrats to G�za R�zsa, Yiteng and Tomek!

36) Jun 22, 2006: Congratulations to Yiteng and Tanguy P�net ! The tune was from "Introduction and Variations on the 'Ronde' from Herold's 'Ludovic' Op. 12 in Bb major, composed in 1833, dedicated to Mademoiselle Emma Horsford" ("Lento" last 6 measures before Scherzo Vivace).

37) Jun 30, 2006 : Dawson Hull was the first one who named the tune "Nocturne Op.32 No.2". Congratulations !

38) Aug 31, 2006 : Only Dawson Hull knew all 5 extracts: Mazurka Op. 17 No. 4, Mazurka Op. 7 No. 2, Waltz Op. 34 no. 2, Mazurka Op. 67 No. 4, Ballade No. 2 Op. 38. The key of each extract is A minor (The extract from the end of the Ballade is in A minor although the key of the Ballade is F Major). The other common feature is triple time signature. Many visitors missed the last extract, Ballade No.2. Congratulations to Dawson !

39) Sep 15, 2006 : Congratulations to Dawson Hull, Wojtek, Emanuel Voto, and Justin Vo ! The tune was Etude Op.25 No.7 in C# minor "Cello etude".

40) Sep 30, 2006 : Congratulations to Justin Vo, Yiteng, Christoph Zbinden, and Michael ! The tune was the ending part of Impromptu No.3 Op. 51 in Gb major.

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41) Oct 15, 2006 : Congratulations to Tuomas Nikkanen and welcome back! The tune was the Finale of Sonata No.1 Op.4 in C minor.

42) Oct 31, 2006 : Congratulations to Dawson Hull and Alessandro Valeri! The tune was the middle section of Fantasy on Polish Airs in A major, Opus 13, for piano and orchestra.

43) Nov 30, 2006 : The tune was "Romance" - movement 2 of Concerto No.1 Op.11. Congratulations to Dawson Hull, Nate, Jonathan Cahill and Yiteng!

44) Jan 3, 2007 : Dawson Hull, Paul Vest, and Michael Gildin have done a great job in realizing the solo piano version of the Introduction and Polonaise Brillante, Op. 3, which is of course better with the cello! Congrats!

45) Jan 14, 2007 : There were so many people who could name this tune correctly: Edwin Abdiel Lombana, Michael Gildin, Kathy, Vassily Checkin, Ramin Rezaei, Dawson Hull, Nick Rodgerson (welcome back!), Thanapat Worasaran, Ophat Taerattanachai... Keep up the good work!

46) Mar 1, 2007 : It's been one and a half month but only Michael Gildin and Akkra Yuenyonghattaporn had the correct answer. This posthumous waltz is not common though: Waltz in Eb major (KK IVb) "Sostenuto". Good job!

47) Mar 15, 2007: Congratulations to Hadiwinata, Edita, Worasaran, Gildin, Severino, Nick, Kwan, and Hull. The tune was Prelude No. 11 in B Major, Opus 28, BI 107.

48) Mar 31, 2007: Only Michael Gildin and Maximilian Friedericks knew that the extract was the last few measures of Nocturne Op.32 No.1 in B major. Congratulations!

49) Apr 14, 2007: Congratulations to Mwit Psychoror, Michael Gildin, Alessandro Valeri, Angela Chan, Suhanda Hadiwinata, Maximilian Friedericks, Florian Prigge, Suren Norsoyan. The tune was Polonaise in A flat major, 1821, BI 5, one of the polonaises from the "young" Chopin. Glad that many are listening to those forgotten works!

50) Jun 1, 2007: Only Erez and Sci recognized the tune nocturne Op.15 No.3, yet no one could answer the second question about its transcription! This tune was transcribed by Balakirev in his Chopin Suite Op. 11 - Intermezzo (Nocturne). This was pretty hard!

51) Jun 16, 2007: Alessandro Valeri, Michael, Agata, Anchen, Erez, Maurice Malcolm, Nada K, Christoph Zbinden, Maximilian Friedericks, Sai, Ramin Rezaei, Ophat Taerattanachai recognized the last etude in the second book, Op.25 No.12 "Ocean". By the way, it was played by Murray Perahia. Congrats!

52) Jun 30, 2007: Congratulations to Michael Gildin, Erez, Alessandro Valeri, Maximilian Friedericks, Norsoyan Suren, Ophat Taerattanachai, Suhanda Hadiwinata, Irakli, Anchen, Martin Malmgren, Gabriel Sessions. The tune was Prelude Op.28 No.17 in A flat major.

53) July 29, 2007: Congratulations to Alessandro Valeri, Michael Gildin, Maximilian Friedericks, and Ramin Rezaei. The tune was the Piu Lento part from the second movement, Scherzo, of Sonata No.2 Op.35. Some visitors were confused with the funeral march.

54) Oct 08, 2007: Sorry for the delay! The winners were Michael Gildin, Doskoi, Maximilian Friedericks, and Alessandro Valeri. The tune was the B major "Lento Sostenuto" section of the Fantasy in F Minor, Op. 49. The new tune 55 is harder!
55) Nov 11, 2007: This tune was not as hard as I thought! Glad that we are also aware of tunes uncommonly listened to such as this Op.2 Variations on Mozart's "La ci darem la mano". Congrats to Alessandro Valeri, Erez, Maximilian Friedericks, and Ramin Rezaei.

56) Jan 1, 2008: This tune is a "Chopin Boogie" version of the waltz Op.64 No.1 in Db major. Congrats to Alessandro Valeri, Ramin Rezaei, Maximilian Friedericks, Daniel Lim, Tjerk de Nijs, Elizabeth, Edita, Arjun, Dean Moore, Algebra Psychoror, Georgi, Christina, Chetan, Daniel Y, and Michael Gildin. Happy New Year!

57) Feb 3, 2008: Tune No.3 doesn't belong to the same group: it is Prelude Op.28-19 while tunes 1,2,4 are etudes. Congratuations to Alessandro Valeri, Michael Gildin, Erez, Ramin Rezaei, Alex, Daniel Y, Bjorn Kallgren, Jonas Skaarud, Matthew Stewart, Yiteng.

58) Mar 30, 2008: There were many visitors who could name the tune Fantaisie Impromptu. The tune was posted for two months but in the end only Alessandro Valeri and Erez knew that it was play by Alfred Cortot. Bravo!

59) Jun 01, 2008: Ramin was the first to know that there were 2 tunes by Chopin (vocal: "Wiosna" Op.74 No.2 and piano: Andantino "Wiosna") and 1 tune by Liszt ("Wiosna" from 6 Chants Polonais S.480). Suren Norsoyan and Erez later found "Wiosna" by the Polish composer Stanislaw Moniuszko (1819-1872) as an alternative answer to the tune by Liszt. What a surprise! Excellent job!!!

60) Aug 05, 2008: The tune was Waltz No.15 in E major (Brown Index 44).  Congrats to Alessandro Valeri, Erez, Matthew Stewart, Ramin Rezaei, and Tuomas Nikkanen.

61) Oct 01, 2008: Mazurka is back! It's Op.30 No.2 in B minor. Good job Alessandro Valeri, Michael Gildin, Erez, Suren Norsoyan, Nissan, Matthew Stewart, and Ramin Rezaei.

62) Dec 01, 2008: The tune is the middle section "Piu Lento" of second movement (Scherzo) of Sonata op.35. The whole sonata is in Bb minor; the scherzo begins in Eb minor; but the tune is in Gb major. Some were confused with the middle section of the Funeral March! Congrats to Alessandro Valeri, Ramin Rezaei, Nissan, Mario Torre, Lohengrin, Alex, and Tuomas Nikkanen.

63) Feb 10, 2009: Sorry for the long holiday break! The tune belongs to Scherzo No. 1 in B minor, Op. 20. This piece is based on the old Polish Christmas song "Sleep, Little Jesus, Sleep". Congrats to Alessandro Valeri, Mario Torre, Ramin Rezaei, Jon Rajaseelan, Nissan, Telmo Rodrigues, and Erez.

64) Jun 01, 2009: More than three months for the mysterious Alfred Cortot with his brilliant rubato! Only 6 had the correct answer. Congratulations to Alessandro Valeri, Ramin Rezaei, Laura Fern�ndez Granero, Julian Oh, Cherry Tong, and Wei Yuan Chua !

65) Jul 31, 2009: The same tune was asked two years ago (Tune No.49). It was Polonaise in A flat major, (dedicated to Mr. Zywny), 1821, Br. 5, KK. 1184, one of the polonaises from the "young" Chopin. Congratulations to Nissan, Alessandro Valeri, Julian Oh, C�sar Vallejo, and Erez !

66) Dec 05, 2009: The tune was Variations in A major (Souvenir de Paganini, 1829). Congratulations to Alessandro Valeri, Erez, Michael Gildin, Nissan, Andrea Tigrino, Georgi Granchovski, Archishman Ghosh, Laura Oeztuerk, Derek Chu, LaPianista, and Evan. Best wishes for the holidays!

67) Apr 25, 2010: There are two waltzes in A flat major: Op.69 No.1 and Op.42. Only David Saldanha, Andrea Tigrino, Boaz, Leonard Lim, JP, Alessandro Valeri, Tomasz, Gavin Jared Bala, Sergio P�rez Estrada, Ulsbold Enkhbold and Erez have identified both waltzes!

68) Aug 19, 2010: Sorry for the delay although the tune is so popular (and easy too!): "Butterfly" etude Op.25 No.9. Here are the winners: Andrea Tigrino, David Saldanha, Gavin Jared Bala, Alessandro Valeri, Nissan, Emmanuel, Samuel, Ryan, LaPianista, Samson Lam, Bryan, Sasha Behrend, Thomas, Abdiel Lombana, Michael Gerecke, Rumi, Joshua Dong, Rogelio, Norbert Promagan, Dcrispz, David Quinn, Ramin Rezaei, Joona L�tti, Ulsbold Enkhbold, Bo Davidsen, Suren Norsoyan, Gabe Schirn, Fred Yu, Cmarie, Tomasz Szpotanski, Alex, Benoit Roux, Mau, John, Nicol�s, Adrian August, Josh P, Dayton Livingston, Tristan Hudson, Dean Menezes, QiRang, and Neikuo Kesizie (Never seen such a long list!)

69) Oct 19, 2010: The 2010 Chopin Competition in Warsaw is getting closer to the final. For the last tune Etude Op.10 No.7, we have Alessandro Valeri, Joona L�tti, Andrea Tigrino, Georgi Granchovski, Tomasz Szpotanski, Nissan, Ramin Rezaei, Ng Hoe Tian, Samuel Cho, Kasia, Maria Amelia Suhardi, and Gavin Jared Bala as winners. Congrats!

70) Dec 23, 2010: The tune is Bouree No.1 in G major, a rarity. Congrats to Nissan, Gavin Jared Bala, Erez, Andrea Tigrino, Suren Norsoyan, Alessandro Valeri, Joona L�tti, Nathanael Lalaian, Boaz, Thomas, and David Saldanha. Happy holidays!

71) Apr 17, 2011: Such a long wait for the Variation No. 6 (in E major) from the Hexameron, a set of variations organized by Franz Liszt and including variations by various composers, including Chopin, on a duet from Bellini's I Puritani. Congrats to Alessandro Valeri, David Saldanha, Alfie Lontanicus, Nissan, Andrea Tigrino, Gavin Jared Bala, Sam Cheng, and Shaheel!

72) Aug 07, 2011: Mazurkas are back! Op.63 No.2 in F minor. Congratulations to David Saldanha and Grzegorz Pawlowski. Too easy that only 2 answered correctly? The tune will be difficult next time.

73) Oct 17, 2011: This tune is indeed difficult. Only Grzegorz Pawlowski and Alessandro Valeri had the correct answer: Songs, Op.74 no 4 Hulanka (A Drinking Song) in C major. Congrats! The new tune is a tribute to Chopin on this day!

74) Apr 11, 2012: The tribute tune to Chopin on Oct 17, 2011 was Funeral March, the third movement of Sonata No.2. In the order of submission time, congrats to Alessandro Valeri, Sushil Subramanian, Sean Patterson, Ramin Rezaei, C.Canberk, Martin Ooi, Martin Br�ten, Chris Gallerani, Lilly, Brigitte Rowe, Tomasz Szpotanski, Adam Kaminski, Andrew Schneider, Phillip Huang, Sami Korban, Lukas Jeffery, Sam Marks, Jessy Leifer,  Brad Klamka,  Charles, Andrew Brethour, and Kyoko Enright.

75) Nov 10, 2012: Sorry for the delay. The tune was Impromptu No.2 Op.36. Congrats to Tomasz Szpotanski, Sam Marks, lessandro Valeri, and Sushil Subramanian. Sorry if I missed anyone since the form submission tool at yahoo was down for a while.

76) June 30, 2013: Many could get the tune part (Waltz Op.64 No.2) but no one except Gerard Nicholls could recognize the pianist (not Rubinstein). The tune will stay here for a while until several visitors could identify the pianist. Hint: He's one of the deceased pianists listed on the pianist page.

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